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Esther Strength Conditioner 250ml

Esther Strength Conditioner 250ml

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Strength Conditioner

Are your ends frayed, fried and fragile? They won't miraculously fix themselves, but after a well needed haircut you can count on our strength conditioner to work its magic on your dehydrated and damaged hair, preventing any further breakage from heat based styling or brushing.

Give your hair a dose of happiness, re-hydrate and restore to life!

Active ingredient - Provitamin b5 helps to detangle, moisturise and shine. Avocado oil possesses antimicrobial properties to help improve scalp health, preventing future damage and breakage.

Directions for use

● Remove any excess water from hair

● Distribute evenly throughout hair, concentrating on mid-lengths and ends

● Leave for 1-2 minutes

● Rinse thoroughly

● For best results, use after our strength shampoo