Luxurious in lifestyle, Humble in character

Our Story

 With 14 years of experience working in the hairdressing industry, we have tried and tested an abundance of hair care products. We truly care for you and your hair, and witness first-hand, every day, how great hair can instill the greatest of confidence in a woman.

We envisioned creating our own sustainable collection that could not only give women that boost of self-confidence, but products they could be confident were safe for their hair, that they could trust and rely on for a lifetime.

Then 2020 hit us with a global pandemic that would shake up the entire world.

The world was experiencing the effects of severe supply chain disruptions and we knew then, how important it was to get our products out there, to support our country.

That is why our collection is proudly Australian owned and made.

We source luxurious active ingredients (what we like to call, the ingredients you never knew you needed) that are naturally derived from fruits, vegetables and plants, promoting healthier, happier, softer and silkier hair (to name just a few of the benefits).

Not only do our products make you feel “like a natural woman” they are supporting our hometown and our environment, both of which are at the core of our brands beliefs.

But we don't just stop there... In a chaotic world, we believe that we need to create a safety net of courageous, powerful and ambitious women to inspire and support one another. We are not just a hair care brand; we are a community. There is strength in sisterhood after all, so join in on our journey, and we can all hair swish in unison! We truly are,

luxurious in lifestyle, humble in character.